Keep Your Bike Safe with a Motorcycle Alarm

If you have a new motorcycle, or even if you have a good motorcycle at all, one of the most important things you can do is make sure it stays safe wherever it may be parked.  A motorcycle alarm will keep the motorcycle safe whether you are going to work or stopping in at the corner gas station.  There are a few varieties of alarm with differing levels of accuracy and protection, so you will want to shop around and think about the kind of alarm that you need.

The safety and security of your motorcycle is very important, since the purpose of a motorcycle is to transport you to a location and allow you to leave it in the parking lot.  Even if you have to park far away from your destination, you need to know that your motorcycle will be safe and that you will be able to come back to it.  A good alarm system can give you peace of mind, no matter where you are parked.

Current motorcycle alarms have advanced paging security surveillance systems.  These come with an OEM-style device which is plugged into the alarm.  To keep the security system activated, you should be able to use your own key fob – this allows you to be the only individual to deactivate the security system.  Advanced RF signals are emitted when the bike is upset, signaling the person with the key fob exactly what is wrong with their motorcycle.

These security systems have the great feature of being able to diagnose themselves – limiting the number of piercing sounds that will be emitted from the bike for no apparent reason, unlike many cars.  The systems can self-correct their own problems.  They have 16-bit microprocessors at their core, which are both high speed and programmable.  The control device for anything of these systems should be stored easily inside the seat, so that you do not have to take the bike apart if there are any problems.  Your local motorcycle dealer should be able to tell you more about good security systems, and help you find the best one for your bike.

Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

If you plan on going on a long distance trip on your motorcycle, you will probably be interested in listening to music or the radio while you travel.  For this, you will want to invest in motorcycle helmet speakers, which can be built into your helmet for ease of listening and comfort.  They are built with a thought to the safety of the rider, often allowing access to radio and intercom communication even while listening to music.  There are a variety of headphone styles, but let’s take a look at some of the basics of shopping for speakers.

A motorcycle helmet audio device of any sort is a great asset for a motorcycle ride, especially a long distance trip.  The type of helmet which the rider wears will make a great difference in whether the headphones will fit comfortably in his ears or not.  The device itself, as well as its location in the helmet, has the greatest effect on the volume of the headphone speakers.

Good headphone speakers are smart and thin headphones built into the motorcycle helmet.  They have a reasonably high volume, and are designed to fit comfortably inside your helmet.  They can plug into radio, mp3, or CD players because they have a basic 1/8-inch output jack.  If they are made well, they will fit cozily inside the helmet and your ears, so that they will neither fall out nor pinch your ears.

Even if it is a little more expensive, you will want to purchase a quality set of helmet speakers for your own comfort, enjoyment and safety as you ride.  Certain devices have integrated speaker and microphone hardware that will allow you to access the radio, telephone and intercom systems when you are riding with a partner.  Another great asset is an audio GPS navigation system, which is most easily used with helmet speakers.  These are just a few of the great possibilities available in headphones for motorcycle helmets.

Using a Motorcycle GPS to Find Your Way

A lot of motorcycle riders want to take their bikes on long road trips – part of the enjoyment of having a motorcycle!  One way to have a great trip without getting lost or stuck without help is to invest in a motorcycle Global Positioning System.  This can both keep you from getting lost and help you find some basic necessities such as a gas station or a hotel as you travel in unknown territories.  Let’s look at some tips on the GPS for a motorcycle.

The GPS is a relatively new accessory for motorcyclists, but incredibly useful.  It uses the latest technology to guide the path of the rider wherever he or she wants to go.  There is a network of 24 to 30 satellites launched into orbit for navigation assistance on earth, which connect directly to the GPS.  Via a radio link established with GPS receivers, a motorcycle rider can turn on his GPS at almost any location and know his exact coordinates on earth, with a margin of error of about 15 meters.

If you get a good GPS unit, it will come with a couple of important features. The most important addition is a wide range and large number of maps.  These will make navigating across the country easy and safe, since all of your routes will already be in the system.  Another feature is that the maps should have points of interest already built in.  Things such as gas stations, hotels, and food stops are all useful landmarks to the biker riding in unknown territory.

A motorcycle GPS will come with an apparatus to attach the GPS unit to the motorcycle.  You will want a sturdy mount that will not come off on a rough ride, and one specifically made for your motorcycle.  This mount will keep your GPS safe and in easy access when you go off on your journey.  Go into your nearest motorcycle dealer to talk about a good GPS unit for your motorcycle.

Can Cheap Motorcycle Helmets Still Be Safe?

When you begin to look at motorcycle helmets, you may be discouraged by the high cost of the top of the line helmets.  Don’t let this discourage you from buying a helmet at all – you need it for your safety!  Look into cheap or discounted motorcycle helmets – old styles, brands, or even used helmets.  However, as you shop around, you will want to be sure that you still find a helmet that will fit your head properly.  This will take some dedication and hard work, but the savings will be a great reward in the end.

Buying a cheap motorcycle helmet can be very difficult – even more difficult than choosing the motorcycle itself.  If you do not look closely into the helmet which you are purchasing, you may end up buying a helmet which does not fit properly.  This will result in a less enjoyable riding experience.  Cheap helmets do not follow the usual D.O.T. or Snell manufacturing standards, which can make them more dangerous for the rider who wears them on a regular basis.

The safety of the helmet is the most important feature in the helmet.  An approved helmet will bear the marking BS 6658 1985 or UN/ECE 22.05.  Checking for the safety standards of the helmet will assure your safety and those of your passengers if you ever have an accident or slip off of your motorcycle.  No matter what the price, safety is the most important priority.

There is actually a difference between cheap and discounted motorcycle helmets.  Cheap helmets are purposefully manufactured below standard qualifications.  Discounted helmets, on the other hand, are simply reduced in price from their original price.  These can be great quality helmets which are just on sale for some reason.  These are probably the best type of helmets to look for if money becomes a problem when you buy a motorcycle and a new helmet.

Top Helmets from Arai, Shoei and Bell

If you are ready to go out on a motorcycle, you will want to invest in a good helmet.  There are many varieties of motorcycle helmets, each with different qualities and benefits.  The top three types of helmets are Arai helmets, Shoei helmets, and Bell helmets.  Each are designed with the protection of the rider in mind, and have different designs to achieve the greatest protection and comfort of the motorcyclist.  Let’s take a look at the different helmets by brand.

First, the Arai helmet – a helmet made for both the fashion sense and protection of the motorcyclist wearing it, with a personal touch thrown in.  There are many designs which the rider can choose based on his personality.  They combine fashion and safety in one sleek helmet.  The uniqueness of these helmets comes from the fact that each design is handmade and hand sewn.  This care and attention is not often seen in your standard manufactured helmet.

Shoei motorcycle helmets are a different breed from Arai helmets, and are made to give the ultimate comfort and performance to the rider.  For each different model, the Shoei helmet offers ten different forms.  They come in the three sizing standards: Asian, American, and European.  Shoei, with an eye to the protection of the rider, uses smaller shells for smaller sized heads for a comfortable and safe fit.  Each helmet goes through rigorous tests to ensure that there are no defects in the helmet.

Bell helmets are the last popular type of helmet, and are easily spotted because of their unusual styles and well-known logo.  They have a wide variety of styles, from sleek to classic, and flashy to minimalistic.  Assuming the rider has no unfortunate accidents, these helmets will last a lifetime.  Bell also makes helmets for specific types of motorcycling: full-face road, motocross, and street helmets.  Take a look at helmets online to think about the best helmet for you.